CRIT S.r.l. is a private engineering company, born in 1987 with the aim to drive innovation in several industrial sectors, particularly in Energy and Environmental engineering. In 1988 it was officially recognized by the Italian government as a highly qualified laboratory for applied research and development. CRIT S.r.l. began its work in the fields of industrial research and design, to quickly expand to all sectors, from tertiary to civil. CRIT S.r.l. versatile interventions offer a wide range of customized innovative solutions, from market surveys to the distribution and supply chains all over the world.

We take care of your business from investment to implementation.

CRIT S.r.l. exclusively acts in its clients’ interest.
CRIT S.r.l. services are based on competence and expertise. Our interventions are fed by a long-standing interdisciplinary know-how of the field. Following careful analysis, our engineers deliver project proposals tailored to the individual, according to the client’s nature, needs and philosophy. We create what CRIT calls a ‘collaborative engineering’ environment, where the best solutions are found via an active and evolving conversation between our experts and the clients.
At CRIT S.r.l. we don’t just deliver, we care. We take care of your request from its design to its realisation, and afterwards via monitoring and consulting.
At CRIT S.r.l. we value transparency and accountability, in terms of relations, quality, costs and punctuality.