CRIT and PanaceaStars are today launching a new collaboration to support young entrepreneurs with ground-breaking ideas in the field of energy and environmental engineering.

This collaboration aims to support the next generation of high impact deep science ventures to introduce market-leading solutions within the areas of: Renewable Energies, NewTech Engineering and Environmental Solutions by providing early-stage companies with all the technical support they need from early on.

CRIT will be able to offer technical consulting advice, mentorship and technical training to those startups joining and those graduating from the Accelerator programme in the field of Energy and Environmental Engineering.

The programme will work with entrepreneurs to help them turn their scientific ideas into marketable products. The programme specifically targets scientists, academics, industry professionals and other aspiring entrepreneurs. The pipeline has proven to create novel, strong sustainable ventures, which start up quicker and last longer.

The programme has two streams. The open stream allows applicants to work independently on their ideas and business models across all deep science disciplines and at any developmental stage. The structured stream supports early career scientists and entrepreneurs to work jointly on novel preclinical high impact projects.

The programme provides experienced technical and business mentoring support to help the companies develop their proof of concepts, align them to utilise the expertise and tools provided through its corporate partners and provide the necessary early stage investment. Its aims are to:

  • Build the ā€œSilicon Valleyā€ of Deep Science Ventures and positioning the UK as the leading nation in deep scienceĀ commercialisation
  • Support a new early-stage seed investment trend to match the growing innovation pipeline
  • Help build a new global generation of future leaders and aspiring entrepreneurs